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EZTakes is now offering a combination of professional services and an optional off-the-shelf solution that can enable just about any organization to have its own custom-branded Roku presence at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest time-frame.

Over-the-top (OTT) video distribution is causing a great deal of excitement in the TV and movie industries. With OTT, you typically deliver films and TV shows directly to Internet-enabled set-top boxes. Any video content provider that wants to fully exploit the Internet MUST have an OTT plan. Part of that plan should be to support all of the important OTT platforms. And with over 500,000 set-top boxes installed, Roku is clearly an important player. That's why EZTakes developed an application for the Roku player, which Roku (the company) recently approved and added to its official channel store. Our Roku channel allows us to deliver our content directly to TVs owned by hundreds of thousands of Roku users.

Roku is a Leader in Over-the-Top Distribution

Roku is a Leader in Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Distribution

EZTakes' "sweet spot" is to utilize our existing, and proven, back-end content delivery infrastructure to create customized, private-branded Roku channels for media companies. As an option, we can also provide the ongoing services to manage, upgrade and support the implementations we create, allowing our customers to achieve an industrial-strength Roku presence in the shortest period of time and at the lowest possible cost.

EZTakes is Listed in the Official Roku Channel Store

EZTakes is Listed in the Official Roku Channel Store

Our back-end is a comprehensive platform for monetizing long-form video on the Internet. It includes publishing work flow, content management, geo-filtering, pricing (for rentals and sales), security, server management, billing, customer service, revenue share accounting, reporting and more.

As a company, we have tremendous expertise in online video system implementation, including software development, Web site design, scalability issues, user testing and content encoding. Our areas of technical expertise include the Java programming language, MySQL database, Linux, Apache and Tomcat. We also have significant expertise using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), having already developed and deployed about 100 video apps on the Google Market.

EZTakes has been in the Internet video industry since 2003. Our background allows us to offer our clients the benefit of unsurpassed domain expertise in online video. To learn more about how EZTakes can help you create a presence on Roku, contact us today.

IMPORTANT: All Roku channels must be approved by Roku. We can guarantee that we'll create a working channel, but it's 100% up to Roku to approve it or not.

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