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Roku Media Player

Roku Media Player

Roku ( makes an elegant and inexpensive set-top player that lets you easily access videos from a lot of different companies via the Internet. If you own a Roku player, you should be able to watch your EZTakes purchases and rentals on it starting June 24, 2010.

Getting EZTakes movies on Roku involves two important tasks. First, activate the EZTakes channel on Roku, and then add EZTakes movies to your "My Videos" page on the EZTakes site, which will automatically add those movies on the Roku player as well. This post explains both of those tasks.

NOTE: If you've already activated EZTakes on your Roku player, please skip the next section, and go to "Adding Titles to Your EZTakes Channel on Roku" section below.

Activating EZTakes on Your Roku

To activate the EZTakes channel on a Roku player, please follow these steps:

1. On your Roku player, go to the My Channels section. You should see the EZTakes channel. Add the EZTakes channel by selecting "Go to channel." You'll be given an activation code along with instructions.

2. Go to You'll be prompted to login to your EZTakes account (or create one), and then enter the Roku activation code. You'll be notified automatically when the code is accepted.

3. After the code is accepted, your EZTakes channel will be active on your Roku player. You'll be given the option of adding free content. We recommend that you do that. Otherwise, you'll only see titles that you purchased, rented or got for free from EZTakes. Please see the section below to find out how to add movies to the "Your Videos" pages.

Adding Titles to Your EZTakes Channel on Roku

IMPORTANT: In order to watch EZTakes movies on a Roku player, you'll have to add them to your personal "Your Videos" section on the EZTakes site first.

The Your Videos section displays all the movies that you either rented, purchased or acquired for free from EZTakes. When you activate your EZTakes channel on a Roku Player, we'll give you the option to add some free titles right from the Roku player. To get more titles than that, however, you'll have to either buy or rent them on this site. Don't foreget to also check out our free movies section to see what else you can add to your EZTakes channel on Roku. To find more movies on EZTakes, we recommend you start at our featured movies page.

TIP: Whenever you add titles to the Your Videos section on EZTakes, you'll need to refresh the EZTakes channel on your Roku by exiting the channel and entering it again. We're working on a fix that we hope will make this unnecessary in the near future.


If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact EZTakes support at:

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